Tuesday, July 31, 2007


So I go almost two months without updating here and I only hear one "complaint" about not updating the site. (Sorry Eric.) Granted, I know that outside of Eric, one, maybe two people check in regularly. Also, I don't really post anything here for others, considering the extremely low readership, but it's still nice to be noticed every now & then.

Oh well.

Anyway, just some random notes before going to bed.

- I played golf for the first time since last October today. (Thanks Johnny!) I played horribly, but since it was free & I was able to hang with Johnny V for a couple of hours, it was a blast.

- A week from tonight (Tuesday), there will only be one more regular season game left for my work schedule. It's amazing how fast the season flies by.

- The last post I had prepared was about Payton's goldfish, Fiona & Sleeping Beauty. Sadly, only Fiona is left. However, she is thriving. Maybe I'll finally post that info in October.

- I may actually watch a few Celtics games this year. I'll definitely check out the preseason game at MoSun Arena.

- All this talk of rain the past few days that never delivered has left me in a foul mood. This guy is with me.

- Tonight I finally earned the stupidest achievement yet for the 360. I had to simulate 60 seasons of dynasty mode in NCAA 07. I've been working on that for two weeks. What a waste of time. I only went for it so I could earn all 1000 points for the game before picking up NCAA 08. I love unlocking achievements, but the pointless ones need to be left off of these games. Now I just have to block a field goal & recruit eight, five-star high school players to finish it off.

- I finally upgraded my web browser to Mozilla Firefox.

- I'm starting to get excited for fantasy football again.

Look for another update sometime in late September Eric.


P.J. said...

I check it. But the damn thing won't let me RSS it!

TiVo said...

60 seasons? Good Lord, Storm!