Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Century Mark

No, this isn't my 100th post here. The official counter says 96, but that doesn't take into account really old posts which seem to be lost forever. This is more like post 200, but whatever.

As I saw the "official" number inch closer, I was reminded that I wanted to do a 100 post, similar to Mike's. Why? I have no idea, other than I thought it was interesting. So, without further adieu, here we go. 100 things you may or may not have known about me.

1. I'm an only child. Can't you tell?
2. I have no idea why I have a blog. Few people read it, so I suppose it's cathartic for me.
3. I have never lived anywhere besides Connecticut.
4. I don't think I could ever survive living in a city. Baltimore may be the lone exception to that rule.
4. Fishers Island, NY is the place I would live if I had the opportunity/choice to live anywhere.
5. I don't trust anyone with a mustache. That includes women.
6. I have a beautiful, smart, funny and just plain wonderful six-year old daughter.
7. I have a fantastic girlfriend I'm not sure I deserve.
8. I have four cats (plus three from a previous marriage) and wouldn't mind more.
9. I'm a divorcee.
10. I'm currently a salesman.
11. My dream job is to become a teacher.
12. I don't have a bachelors degree yet, hence the reason I'm not a teacher yet.
13. My GPA my first semester in college was a 0.6. (See #12.)
14. I have never once been drunk in my life.
15. I despise cigarette smoke.
16. I really can't stand people who don't know how to drive. The rules of the road are not difficult. Pay attention, know what lane you're supposed to be in & use your turn signal and I'll be happy.
17. I'm quite picky when it comes to food.
18. My perfect salad is lettuce, sharp cheddar cheese, croutons & dressing.
19. My all-time favorite Kool-Aid flavor is Berry Blue. (followed closely by Purplesaurus Rex, Sharkelberry Fin & Grape.)
20. I love history, mainly U.S. history.
21. I'm a registered member of nearly 50 message boards.
22. The things that I enjoyed doing 20 years ago I still enjoy today. (playing video games, collecting baseball cards, playing basketball & listening to 80's music.)
23. I coached my daughter's soccer team this past fall & (hopefully) am coaching her basketball team this winter.
24. I've had four surgeries on my left knee.
25. Count Chocula is my favorite cereal.
26. I'm a Gemini.
27. I will always have a real Christmas tree. This is not debatable.
28. I enjoy making lists.
29. I'm totally spoiled by HDTV. I rarely watch anything that isn't in HD anymore. Too blurry.
30. I greatly enjoy fantasy sports, but I'm horrible at fantasy baseball.
31. I love weather of all kinds. I get very excited for thunderstorms, snowstorms, cold snaps, heat waves, you name it.
32. Summer used to be my favorite season, now it's my least favorite. (In order, fall, winter, spring, summer.)
33. Honolulu Blue is my favorite color.
34. 12 is my favorite number.
35. I have a knack for recognizing voices in voice overs.
36. I have a knack for making a comment during a televised sporting event moments before the people getting paid to make comments say the same thing.
37. I do not find anything remotely attractive about Angelina Jolie.
38. I hate country music, with the exception of Carrie Underwood.
39. I enjoy acoustic versions of songs.
40. I try & get along with everyone I meet/know. However, if someone screws me over or doesn't treat me with the same respect, I don't forgive or forget. Thankfully, only a few people are on that list.
41. I sleep with a stuffed animal.
42. I collect many things, much to Mary's dismay. (Star Wars figures, baseball cards, Fishers Island postcards and lots of other random junk.)
43. I'm really bad when it comes to seeing movies. Go ahead, ask me what I haven't seen.
44. I don't have one artistic bone in my body.
45. One of my dreams is to finally live in a house with a finished basement. I love basements.
46. The Xbox 360 may be my favorite video game system of all-time, and I really loved my Atari 2600, NES, Sega Genesis & PS2.
47. I'm a night person and don't function well in the morning.
48. I hate being late.
49. I love to shop.
50. I hate Wal-Mart, but love Target.
51. My first car was a 1980 Buick Regal. Lemon.
52. The only country I've ever traveled to outside of the U.S. is Canada.
53. My iPod has 2,494 songs on it, plus Anchorman.
54. I still need to rip at least another 50 CDs from my collection.
55. I order my sodas in restaurants without ice. I want my money's worth!
56. I find it very difficult to save money, although I did open a high-yield savings account last year.
57. I have a cousin who has been on a soap opera (Santa Barbara), Three's Company, the cover of GQ, a failed NBC show (High Performance), US Marshalls & the cover of GQ.
58. I have another cousin who is a member of an up & coming band. (Grace Potter & The Nocturnals.)
59. I follow 52 blogs in my Google Reader. (According to my records, one person subscribes to this blog.)
60. I have a very large collection of Sports Illustrateds dating back to the 80's that will largely be recycled come this spring.
61. I'm still a loyal Miami Dolphins fan, even after this wonderful season.
62. I have personalized license plates.
63. Seinfeld is my favorite sitcom of all-time.
64. The Wire is probably my favorite drama of all-time, surpassing Homicide: Life On the Street.
65. I hate the Red Sox, but love Fenway Park.
66. I try not to get involved in politics or political discussion. I hate when people try & force their beliefs on you.
67. My Friends Five list would probably be Evangeline Lilly, Carrie Underwood, Julie Bowen, Jennifer Aniston & Kate Beckinsale, not necessarily in that order. (I smell at Top 20 list here)
68. I have at least five different versions of Monopoly.
69. My favorite cartoon was Underdog.
70. I don't like seafood at all, aside from the occasional shrimp.
71. I hate spiders.
72. I'm not fond of clowns either.
73. I have great parents.
74. I have a great long-term memory.
75. I have some long-time friendships that I'm proud of.
76. I wish my friends & I had more time to spend together.
77. I love the smell of asphalt & gasoline.
78. I definitely believe in life somewhere besides Earth.
79. A lot of movies make me cry.
80. I like sleeping in a cool room.
81. I'm loyal to brands that I enjoy.
82. I'm beginning to get a little mad at Mike, who said this list should take 20 minutes to create. (I've been at it for well over an hour.)
83. I don't like John Madden at all.
84. I could eat pizza every single day.
85. I didn't receive my driver's license until I was 18.
86. People who whistle in public annoy me.
87. I despise Uggs.
88. I really enjoy spending time on eBay.
89. I'm still a Hartford Whalers fan. Hockey is dead to me.
90. My car has nearly 180,000 miles on it.
91. I have a hard time falling asleep on Sunday nights.
92. I really don't enjoy going to concerts, unless it's a band I absolutely love and have never seen live.
93. I don't drink coffee. Can't stand the taste.
94. I'm a notorious procrastinator.
95. I like to fly.
96. I love period movies/TV shows, but not from too long ago. (40's - 70's.)
97. I'm so glad that I won't have to take any foreign language classes as I work towards that degree.
98. I miss the chili cheese burrito from Taco Bell.
99. Roberto Clemente is my all-time favorite baseball player & he died before I was born.
100. I really enjoy sleeping, which is what I'm going to do right now.


P.J. said...

I know I subscribe to you on Google Reader!

And... I also dislike clowns. And mimes.

I might have to do a post like this at some point... :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

nicely done, dude. this is good stuff. but, seriously, a stuffed animal?

Bryan "Crash" Davis said...

Yeah, clowns do suck. Stop hating the Red Sox! LOL

Bryan "Crash" Davis said...

This is a great list. The stuffed animal thing was ... um ... interesting.

I'm shocked at how many things could be on my list. Speaking of which, I'm so going to steal this idea and make a similar list ... hey, it's what blogging is about, right?

Nnamdi Astell said...

Many people would believe a .06 woudl be the effect of drinking ... weird.