Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What Year Is It Again?

What an auspicious debut for the Mets. They show little heart in falling to the Phillies (AGAIN), ruining the final opening day at Shea Stadium.

Even though they were 2-3 after the debacle in Atlanta over the weekend, I still had no worries. The Mets started 2-3 in 1969, 1986 & 2000, all pretty good years. In '86, they even beat the same Phillies to improve to 3-3. Well, that obviously didn't happen.

I understand it's a tad too early to be jumping off the bridge. However, the signs aren't too promising. This team (& more specifically, the bullpen) look too much like last year's house of cards team. Yikes.


In other news, it was great to see Red Sox fans give Bill Buckner a fantastic ovation today, as he threw out the first pitch at Fenway.

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