Monday, February 15, 2010

Topps Million Card Giveaway

Topps' Willy Wonka-esque Million Card Giveaway finally went live today. Over the past few weeks, I had amassed 23 redemption codes & tonight was the night to cash them in. Here's the haul, in order of redemption:

(Yup, doubles)


I had 23 redemption cards, but ended up with 24 cards total. My only guess is that since I drew DOUBLES! of the '87 Tony Gwynn, I was awarded with Cleon Jones.

Overall, not too bad. Sure, the eight '87 Topps cards seems out of whack (especially considering I have about 5,000 of them in the basement), but the older cards & the high number of Mets cards makes up for it. (Plus, I needed that Eilers/Gardner card for my ultimate Topps Mets collection.) Not to mention the Shea Stadium bonus on the Russell card.

I will definitely be looking for more of these cards, so if you want to pick me up some packs of 2010 Topps, I would be grateful!

1 comment:

P.J. said...

Michael Jack Schmidt!

You got some older cards at least. Very cool.

I found that I had two codes. Didn't even know it when I opened a couple of jumbo packs.

The cards weren't great, but this is cool. I have been debating going up to Cooperstown and getting a hobby box of packs. Maybe I can score some more codes. Where have you been getting packs?