Monday, October 23, 2006

Where's the Oystercatcher?

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to play another round of golf at the Fishers Island Club. (Many thanks to UK for the invite!) My team did okay (4 under, no bogies), but due to the threat of darkness & the need to return to the mainland before dark, I have no idea how that score ranked compared to the other teams.

Although I didn't play my best round, I did hit one of the best shots of my life. On the second hole, a 170 yard par 3, I sank a 105 foot putt for birdie. It was obviously all luck, but I was still pretty excited. Here's the hole:

The ball was on the front right edge of the green & the pin was located in the far back left. Unreal.

Just to the left of the 14th tee is a rocky beach on the edge of East Harbor. For years, I could walk over to this area & see an Oystercatcher, a rare shorebird. I always enjoyed watching her scurry around the rocks, never flying away. Hopefully she just moved onto another beautiful location on Fishers.

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Brian said...

Pshaw. I make putts like that all the time. On Tiger.

It's hard to tell from the photo, but that sounds a lot like a beautiful course Linds and I played a few years back down on Virginia's eastern shore, Bay Creek (, the Palmer course).

Gorgeous scenery along the bay.