Monday, November 20, 2006

Don't Call it a Comeback

With all due respect to LL, you can call it a comeback.

Next Thursday, I resume my basketball "career". Some co-workers & I have a team in our employee basketball league. Apparently we have a couple of good players but we're not sure how good we'll be. There's only six teams in the league, so hopefully we're at least the fifth-best team.

I now have ten days to prepare for this. I'm seriously out of shape. It's been five years since I last played some ball. In that time frame, I've had two more knee surgeries and have gained at least thirty pounds. Throw in five years of rust and this could be ugly.

I figure it will take me at least a month to feel comfortable on the court. Hopefully me knee holds up & I don't embarass myself before then. I'll do my best to post updates.

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