Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Five days until Christmas, two days until my vacation starts. Once I leave work early on Friday, I don't return until 10 days later. I CANNOT wait.

To top it off, Payton sleeps over for the first time on Friday as well. During the 10 day vacation, she will be sleeping over several nights, with the next one coming Christmas night.

She is even more excited than I am. She started packing a few nights ago & is just as excited for sleeping over as she is for Christmas.

I never seem to run out of things to look forward to. Every time something I'm looking forward to comes & goes, there's always something there to replace it.

I realize that this vacation will be over in a flash, but I plan on savoring every wonderful second.


Another event that I'm looking forward to besides Christmas & Payton is my doctor's appointment on 12/26. If I'm not at least 90% cleared by then, I'll be stunned. The arm feels fantastic & has improved every day. There's a game tomorrow & if all goes well with the doc, it should be the only game I miss. Now I just need to get myself in shape.

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