Friday, December 01, 2006


Not too much good news to report from Oldschool Reloaded's first game last night.

First & foremost, we got spanked. The game was tied 6-6, but that was as close as we'd get. I think the final was 75-28 or something like that. A much bigger, faster team with a full bench. We had six players & four of us are not in shape at all.

I did okay considering my poor conditioning. I think I scored 13 or 15 points, but that's not important. I shot better than Tuesday, but I was way off the mark on some shots.

My knee held up great. No issues there. However, I did spend all of Thursday night at the emergency room thanks to an arm injury.

Early in the game, I attempted to take a charge. No call made, but when I landed, I landed on my left elbow. It hurt a little, but not bad at all. As the game progressed, it became more & more painful to move my hand, raise my arm, etc.

After the game, I drove home & Mary took me to the ER. It was ridiculously busy & once I finally went in for ten painful x-rays around 10:30, I was hurting.

The x-rays didn't show a break, but there is something seriously wrong with it. I couldn't make a fist, spread my fingers out or squeeze my fingers. I'm in a cast, taking Percoset & am home from work.

I have an appointment with an orthopedist on Tuesday, so we'll see what happens. It does feel a little better today. Hopefully it's nothing more than a strained muscle or ligament.

Wednesday night, at the UConn/Sacred Heart game, I joked with my buddy Gerald that I should get one of those compression sleeves for my arm like Jerome Dyson wears. (Dyson is a player! The nation will take notice of him soon. His defense is amazing, his smoothness reminds me of Ray Allen & he plays far beyond his freshman status.)

Hopefully I'll be back on the court in a week or two.


Mike said...

Sorry to hear about the loss. But, heck, how bad could the arm be if you were able to type an entire blog entry! :)

ME said...

If I keep it at the right height, I can type with both hands & also play some 360. It's all good.