Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Random Ramblings

Over the past few weeks, I've had numerous thoughts & ideas I thought would be perfect to post here. Hopefully I can remember most of them.
  • My arm is rapidly improving. I hardly ever wear the brace anymore & I have most of my range of motion back. I still feel some pain, but every day it gets a little better. Even better news is that our games have been canceled the past two weeks due to events at the school. Assuming there's a game next week & I'm given the go-ahead at my next appointment on 12/26, I will only miss one game. Sweeeet.

  • The tree is up, but not decorated yet. At least the lights are on. Hopefully, my faithful readers all have real trees.

  • The Office is an hour long tomorrow night. It's the Christmas Party episode, so it should be outstanding as always.

  • I really, really like that Vanessa Hudgens song, "Come Back to Me".

  • My fantasy football season was a draw. In the league that matters the most to me, my league, I finished a disappointing 6-8. I would've done a lot better if I didn't trade Ladainian Tomlinson after four games because I had no quarterbacks. Little did I realize that Tony Romo would be the starter a few weeks later (he was on my bench waiting) & that LT would score weekly what he had done for me all season the rest of the way. The team I traded him to never lost again. I made the playoffs in another league & in a league where I share ownership of a team, we're in the playoffs as well. Hopefully it will all balance out financially.

  • For years, my buddy John & I have had an idea that we thought was genius. Taco shells that are flavored by Doritos. You could have original Nacho Cheese, Cool Ranch or any other of their eight flavors they've unleashed on the public. Well today, while looking for taco shells, Old El Paso has introduced two new products; nacho & salsa flavored shells. I tried the nacho ones & they are HORRIBLE. Don't bother.

  • I'm watching the NFL's Greatest Games on The Deuce right now. 1995 AFC Championship Game between the Colts & Steelers. I forgot how close the Colts were to winning that game. What a finish.

  • I should be adding a couple new links soon. Keep your eyes open.

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