Sunday, February 18, 2007

NBA All Star Weekend

Trust me, I won't be wasting my time watching any of the NBA All Star Game tonight. I don't need to subject myself to a few hours of no-defense running & gunning. I may flip over to catch a glimpse of the Huskies in the game (Caron Butler, Rip Hamilton & Ray Allen), but that's about it.

All Star Saturday Night used to have relevance with me. It's ironic that the greatest moments of the event were back in the mid-80's when we only saw highlights at halftime of the All Star Game. Once the NBA decided to air the entire event, it seemed to lose steam. I would've loved to have watched Jordan rob Dominique & Bird dominate the 3 Point Shootout.

As bad as the dunk contest is now, I'm still fascinated by it. Last night's highlight (for me) wasn't Gerald Green imitating Dee Brown (it was cool). It was Dwight Howard slapping a sticker of himself way up high on the backboard. In case you missed it:

Speaking of Caron Butler, here's a great article on his story. Go Caron!
"The Man Who Came Out From the Hole"

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Keith M. said...

That was the first dunk contest I watched since the Vince Carter year. Or maybe the Chris Andersen year. In any case, I thought the originality was back, I thought Howard's dunk was awesome, I thought Gerald Green held back some and I thought anyone on the judges table could have come out and won it in their suit. Maybe Dr. J would have needed a trampoline, but you feel me.

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