Friday, February 02, 2007

Tough One

Last night’s loss was a tough one to swallow. We played the team we lost to in our first game of the year, the same game I broke my arm. That game wasn’t close, last night was.

We fell down 17-2 right off the bat. However, we battled back to tie it at 19, then took a 38-31 halftime lead. We eventually lost by 20, falling victim to their man-to-man defense & fatigue.

Personally, I was disappointed because of my limited mobility. The knee tweaked a little in the second half & I couldn’t move enough on offense to get an open look or even help others get free. I scored 15 points in the first half and only attempted one shot in the second, which I missed. Ugh.

I’m hoping that this won’t be an issue after Wednesday’s procedure. I have no idea how long the recovery time is, but I’m hoping to not miss too many games. It would be nice if we could work our way into the playoffs. (The top 4 teams advance.)
In other news, I continue to lead the weigh-in contest, losing another 3.5 pounds this week. I’m now down 17 since the start of the contest and am only 5.5 pounds away from my goal. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to officially weigh-in next Friday, as I’ll be home recovering & playing some Xbox 360.
After the fantastic reception I received regarding my Top 20 Atari 2600 Games, I plan on making a Top 20 list a regular feature here. I’ve already begun researching my next list and it shall be posted soon.

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