Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cuts Like A Knife

Or should I say scope?

Next Wednesday, I'll be undergoing my fourth surgery on my left knee & third meniscus repair. This time, it's not a repair, but a removal. This should hopefully alleviate any future structural damage. I'm not sure how long the recovery will be, but I'm hoping to be back on the basketball court before our season is over.

In other news, my college career started back up tonight. I sat through an English Lit class for almost three hours, took a quiz (which I think I aced, thanks to buying the book & reading the stories needed in the hour before class) & held back laughter watching the professor lead the class.

This guy is a complete nut job. For starters, he kept calling me "Edward". I didn't correct him for fear of being docked points. He has some strict rules & isn't afraid to let people know he's in charge. No food or drink. No "cell telephones" (completely understandable), no missing classes, no forgetting your text, in your seats when the class starts. Maybe it's my age, but having to be told of these things (aside from the food) seems odd. Also, no "ad-libbing". Maybe he meant no Mad Libbing, because I can definitely see that being a distraction. The ad-libbing I don't get.

He called out a student for giggling, telling him that this is a "serious class", one for using a laptop, one for not taking notes & then freaked out on a poor AV geek who made the mistake of returning a projector to the classroom during class & not waiting for the break or the class to end. I should have many interesting stories over the course of the semester.

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