Friday, January 26, 2007

Whatchu Talking 'bout Willis?

Yes, I played last night, torn meniscus & all.

I've been working out like mad the past two weeks thanks to our weight-loss competition at work. (Down 13.5 pounds & have reached 60% of my goal) Thanks to that, the knee has felt good. There's still discomfort, but I'm able to jog & run lightly with minimal pain. So I decided to give it a go last night, as we faced the other winless team in the league.

A minute or two into the game, it popped again. I sat out for a few minutes, but like a sprained ankle, it gradually felt better & I checked back in the game. I played the rest of the game with no issues.

I finished with somewhere between 17-22 points & hit the three pointer that put us up for good. Yes, that's right, we won. Final score 46-38. It sure felt nice to sink some free throws down the stretch to ice the game.

As for the future, who knows. The knee is sore today, but that's expected. I visit the doctor's on Tuesday & I'll receive the prognosis then.


Mike said...

who is in the weight loss challenge? who is winning?

ME said...

Let's see. My team is me, Martinelli, Tavares & a guy from Finance vs. Sienko, Reynolds, Cohn & another guy from Finance. My team is destroying the other (Reynolds & the Finance guy have gained weight). I'm winning the individual, with 60% of my goal. Sienko is 51%. However, Martinelli is only 9.5 pounds away (I'm 9).