Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Coming Soon...

To a knee near you, another round of surgery.

I suppose it was bound to happen sooner rather than later. Tonight during my Tuesday pick-up basketball, I tore the cartilage in my left knee for the third time. It happened just by turning the wrong way.

I suppose I'll have my fourth surgery on that knee sometime soon. This time, I'll probably end up having the cartilage removed instead of repaired.

It's very disappointing because I've been playing for a few weeks now & am just starting to get in shape. About 10 minutes before it tore, I was thinking to myself how much better I was running the floor & looking forward to Thursday night.

If this is it for my basketball career (gulp), at least I played halfway decent in my three games. I averaged just under 20 points, scored 21 of our 32 points in my last game & hit seven three-pointers in the game before that. (I looked up the official stats last week, just for curiosity's sake.)

This stinks...

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Mike said...

sorry dude....that does suck.