Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I Don't Like Getting Old

So I played some basketball last night. Not the league I play in on Thursday, just some pick-up ball. It was quite humbling.

After last Thursday's game, I was feeling pretty good, at least until last night. Now I look back and those 20 points all came on outside shots, not hustle plays or having to create my own shot. If I played against a team that played better defense, I would be lucky to score at all.

Last night, I was exposed for the slow 33-year old I am. I was abused all night long by someone younger (not that much) & taller (not that much). I couldn't keep up, I couldn't rebound, I could barely contest his shots.

I played much better defense in our last game, but by that point I had already singlehandedly lost the last two games for my team. I was missing easy shots & getting killed on D. Tomorrow should be interesting. I'm not feeling too good about things right now.
More bad news yesterday. The host of my evening drive-time radio show, Erik Kuselias, is leaving the show to host a NASCAR show on ESPN2. I wish him all the luck in the world, but this is not good news for me.

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