Friday, January 12, 2007

Miles Away

It was appropriate that I was listening to some Winger on my iPod yesterday afternoon at work. Too many of my three point attempts were way off the mark.

Last week, I couldn't miss from three. Last night, I still managed to hit three or four, but missed at least six or seven, including one that would've given us the lead with less than 20 seconds to go.

We played much better and having two subs helped a lot. We were down nine points with two minutes to go and we fought back to make it 34-32 with 40 seconds left and we had the ball. I missed a contested three, we got the offensive rebound, I then missed a wide open three from my favorite spot on the floor. However, that turned out to be a nice pass, as it landed in the hands of a teammate, who missed the layup. After fouling & forcing the other team to shoot 1 & 1's, we couldn't secure possession in time to get off a game-tying shot, falling 35-32.

Next week we play a team we should definitely beat, so hopefully we'll get a win. I'm feeling much better physically, but still have work to do. I'm probably at around 60% in shape (up from around 40% the previous weeks) and as a result, I was much more active on both ends of the floor. I had at least 20 points last night, but still could've played better & I blame myself for the loss. Oh well. Next week is almost here.

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