Sunday, December 09, 2007

Water Water Everywhere

Along with all the ways we deal with water in our daily routines, I seem to deal with a lot more.

  • I make sure the cats have water by filling up their water bowl.
  • One cat, Bandit, only drinks water from a running faucet. I need to make sure he gets his fix.
  • I have to empty the dehumidifier in the basement. It's not a daily process now like it was back in October, but it still needs to be emptied every two days.
  • I have to change 30% of Fiona the Goldfish's water about twice per week.
  • I need to fill the humidifier in the bedroom every night. I probably will have to pick up another one for the living room. Damn electric heat.
  • 'Tis the season to make sure the Christmas tree has enough water. The dry living room ensures that the watering can is emptied three times per day.

1 comment:

P.J. said...

I dealt with water today, too. Although it was the frozen kind and it made things fun on the way home, but rain nonetheless!