Saturday, November 03, 2007

Back for More

Sorry for the lack of posts the past week. It was crazy week. We had our annual company retreat in Newport, Halloween & basketball on Wednesday, UConn preseason game Thursday & just exhausted yesterday. Now for some catching up...

- First & foremost, an update on Joe. He's doing well. He was released from the hospital on Monday & I was able to spend about an hour with he & Laura this afternoon. Mary made some curry chicken for him, which he loves. He's up & moving and feeling pretty good. He'll be wearing a neck brace until the broken bone in his neck heals. He's making progress with regards to his hands as well. He's working the laptop, so that's progress. As soon as the bruise on his spinal cord subsides, he'll have issues. He looks great and definitely has some perspective about the whole situation. I'm very, very thankful that we were able to laugh a bit today and that he's still with us.

- The retreat was interesting. We seemed to accomplish a lot, but the results of the brainstorming and other stuff won't be known until sometime in 2008. The highlight of our two days there was a touch football game. We drew numbers throughout the day on Monday & around 3 PM, we were told the even numbers were one team and odds were the other team. Touch football game, winner gets an additional day of PTO. My squad won 6-2 and it wasn't that close. Here are some photos from the game:

- Halloween was uneventful. Payton was Pikachu. We went trick or treating at West Farms Mall last Sunday & she hit her school on Halloween night. Not too many houses on our street were passing out candy. She had fun and that's all that matters.

- I've been playing basketball on Wednesday nights for the past few weeks. This past Wednesday was my best showing so far. I finally played halfway decent & I felt I had my best workout yet.

- UConn wasn't too impressive Thursday night against Assumption College. I was hoping to see some improvement over last year, but I didn't see any Thursday. I suppose it's tough to judge using the first exhibition game of the year, but we'll see.

- It was great to see Navy beat Notre Dame today. UConn also had a nice win over Rutgers.

- I've managed to stay alive in my NFL Survivor leagues up until this point, but I'm not feeling that confident this week. I'm leaning towards Washington, but that goes against one of my two rules. (No road teams, no division games.)

- Go Colts!!!!!!!!

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P.J. said...

I agree on Go Colts.

And for winning a touch football game, you got an extra day off, paid?? Holy smokes.. that rules.