Saturday, November 10, 2007

Top 20 Songs - 1980

Here we go! My Top 20 songs from 1980.

A few notes before I begin:

- This wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. I'm sure it will become progressively more difficult as I move closer to the present day, but the process wasn't too hard.

- I will list each song with a lyric snippet, as well as a YouTube video, if applicable.

- Hopefully this will inspire conversation from some of my readers. Comment away!


I was 6/7. Wow, that's how old Payton will be in 2008. To think that she could be working on a list like this 27 years from now is pretty mind-boggling. Yikes.

That's probably the reason this year was fairly easy. I pretty much knew every song on the list, but I was able to whittle it down fairly quickly.

HONORABLE MENTION: Flirtin' With Disaster: Molly Hatchet, The Second Time Around: Shalamar, And The Beat Goes On: The Whispers, Call Me: Blondie, Ride Like The Wind: Chistopher Cross, Cars: Gary Numan, Train In Vain: The Clash, Let's Get Serious: Jermaine Jackson, Tired Of Toein' The Line: Rocky Burnette, Give Me The Night: George Benson, Xanadu: Electric Light Orchestra & Olivia Newton John.

Rapper's Delight, Sugar Hill Gang
"Now what you hear is not a test--i'm rappin to the beat
and me, the groove, and my friends are gonna try to move your feet"

Steal Away, Robbie Dupree
"C'mon and hold me, Just like you told me, then show me... What I want to know"

Take Your Time, S.O.S. Band
"Now baby we can't do it take the time - do it right, we can do it baby -do it tonight."

Another One Bites The Dust, Queen
"Are you happy, are you satisfied, how long can you stand the heat?
Out of the doorway the bullets rip to the sound of the beat"

Against The Wind, Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
"The years rolled slowly past and I found myself alone
Surrounded by strangers I thought were my friends found myself further and further from my home."

September Morn', Neil Diamond
"We danced until the night became a brand new day, two lovers playing scenes from some romantic play, September morning still can make me feel that way"

Stomp, Brothers Johnson
"Stomp all night in the neighborhood, don't it feel all right gonna
Stomp all night wanna party, 'till morning light"

Brass In The Pocket, Pretenders
"Gonna use my arms,
Gonna use my legs,
Gonna use my style,
Gonna use my side-step-
Gonna use my fingers.
Gonna use my, my, my, imagination."

Cupid, Spinners
"Cupid, dDraw back your bow and let your arrow go
Straight to my lovers heart for me, nobody but me"

Celebration, Kool & The Gang
"So bring your good times, and your laughter too
We gonna celebrate your party with you"

Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Pat Benatar
"Before I put another notch in my lipstick case
You better make sure you put me in my place"

Fool In The Rain, Led Zeppelin
"Well there's a light in your eye that keeps shining
Like a star that can't wait for the night"

Ah! Leah!, Donnie Iris
"I see your lips and I wonder who's been kissin' them.
I never knew how badly I was missin' them."

Funky Town, Lipps Inc.
"Well, I talk about it, Talk about it,
Talk about it, Talk about it,
Talk about, Talk about,
Talk about movin,"

99, Toto
I've been waiting so long
Oh, 99
Where did we go wrong
Oh, 99
I love you"

Heart Hotels, Dan Fogelberg
"Well there's too many windows in this old hotel
And rooms filled with reckless pride
And the walls have grown sturdy
And the halls have worn well
But there is nobody living inside"

Video Killed The Radio Star
, The Buggles
"I heard you on the wireless back in Fifty Two
Lying awake intent at tuning in on you.
If I was young it didn't stop you coming through"

Off The Wall, Michael Jackson
"So tonight gotta leave the nine to five up on the shelf
And just enjoy yourself
C'mon and groove, and let the madness in the music get to you
Life ain't so bad at all"

I Love A Rainy Night, Eddie Rabbit
"Well I love a rainy night, it's such a beautiful sight
I love to feel the rain on my face
To taste the rain on my lips
In the moonlight shadow"

Sailing, Christopher Cross
"It's not far to never never land
No reason to pretend
And if the wind is right you can find the joy
Of innocence again
The canvas can do miracles
Just you wait and see
Believe me"

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