Monday, February 04, 2008

Perfect Timing

Sure, they only lost one game, but it was a big one. Great season nonetheless. If I had to pick a game for them to lose during the season, this would be the one.

I'm not going to revel in the outcome of the game out of respect to my friends. My friends were pretty classy throughout the year, but there were others I run into who weren't. For them, I will be wearing this several times this summer.

I'm still thrilled that the season is over. The only bad thing about this game is more airtime for Mercury Morris. Can someone please shut him up?


P.J. said...

Oh, I'll rub it to some obnoxious Pats fans. I love it. :)

But, the season is over. And, end of football season = beginning of baseball season! Sweet.

Bryan "Crash" Davis said...

I woke up this morning and seriously thought for a minute that last night's game was just a dream and the Patriots had actually won.

Was astounded that NE's o-line, which had been amazing all season, couldn't contain the Giants D. Blitz after blitz after blitz and Brady just couldn't get anything going.

And Eli was the man. The guy played like a 12-year vet in that last drive and did just enough to give his team the lead. Sigh ...

Well, at least pitchers and catchers report soon.

Anonymous said...

knowing you're a dolphins fan, the mercury line is very refreshing. because, as bad as the beating was, having him 'still alive' is the worst.