Saturday, February 02, 2008

This, That & The Other

Just a few quick hits before going to bed & reading "The Corner".

- Yay. Tomorrow's the Super Bowl. Color me excited. I don't think I need to explain to everyone that I'll be rooting for the Giants. Unfortunately, I realize this is a futile effort. The Patriots are going to destroy them. As much as I'd like to envision the Giants pulling off a great upset (similar to the Pats over the Rams), it's just not going to happen.

The only Patriot I really can't stand is Rodney Harrison. He's a cheap-shot HGHer, who just rubs me the wrong way. Other than that, no one really bothers me. I like Wes Welker & Randy Moss and Tom Brady seems like a good guy. Belichick is a jerk, but whatever.

I'll be happy for my friends the Pats fans. Mike, Eric, Dean, Bryan. Those guys have been fans forever, so they were there when the Patriots were horrible. I can't say the same for the countless front-runners I encounter on a daily basis. They're the ones who ratchet up my hatred for all things Patriots. They wouldn't know Vincent Brisby from Vincent Price, Hugh Millen from Hugh Grant or Stanley Morgan from Morgan Stanley.

Here's hoping the recent news regarding the Patriots spying on other teams becomes a major headache for them & the NFL (Good job Roger Goddell destroying all those tapes!). Just as a disclaimer, the whole Spygate thing earlier this season didn't mean much to me. It's not like they weren't going to beat the Jets anyways & I never once thought an asterisk should be placed on this season. The arrogance from the organization bothered me more, but I didn't expect anything less. This news however is a little different. Videotaping your Super Bowl opponent's final practice before the game is pretty serious. Pats fans, this is where you respond with a) "everyone else does it, we just got caught", b) jealousy, c) witch hunt. :)

So congrats Mike & Bryan. The Patriots roll over the Giants, 55-10. It could be worse than that. Hopefully, we'll at least get to see a falling-over drunk Robert Kraft swear on TV as he receives the Lombardi Trophy.

- Here's a little bit of comedy for you. I apologize for the horrible quality, but Youtube blew the clip up too much. It looks better on a smaller size, but you'll get the general idea.

Two years ago, this guy used to sit in front of the seats I would sit in at UConn games. He would go nuts for the stupid free t-shirts, making wild hand gestures & yelling. I didn't see him at all last year, but today he sat right next to us. Good times!!! Here's a clip from 2006:


Bryan "Crash" Davis said...

This latest "spygate" story about the Patriots taping the Rams' final walkthru before SB XXXVI is amazing. A few thoghts:
- I'd like someone to explain how the Pats could tape the closed walk-thru held in a dome without anyone noticing.
- This guy Walsh, a former Pats employee, was fired for stealing equipement from the team. Truly a reliable source.
- Supposedly the Pats were filming the walk-thru to get an upper hand on the Rams' red zone offense. The Rams did get into the red zone ... in the fourth quarter and scored on a QB sneak.
- Pats won SB XXXVI by 3 points ... wow, some cheating!
Look, I don't want to be defensive about this, but it seems to me there's a lot more smoke here than fire. If it ever comes out that the Pats did indeed cheat, then it'll be a dark day not just for Patriots Nation, but for the NFL overall.

P.J. said...

Video is no longer available. :(

As for the Pats, I hope the Giants win. And if it's PROVEN (not just thought of, but truly proven) that they cheated in the SB, they should yank the title and the rings and give Belichick a lifetime suspension.

Anonymous said...

i just tried a didn't show up. hope this one does.

the morgan stanley and stanley morgan line is brilliant, dude.