Saturday, February 09, 2008

Top 20 Nintendo Entertainment System Games

Ah, the NES. This little 8-bit machine of wonder re-awakened my love of video games for good.

I first was introduced to the NES during the summer of 1987. My cousin Andrew had one at his cottage on Fishers Island. There must've been a bunch of rainy days that summer, since there's no way our parents would've let us stay inside all day playing video games. But play we did. Up in the attic, endless games of Baseball & Super Mario Brothers filled the air. It was fantastic.

That same November, my Dad & I spent Thanksgiving with the Burr's in New Jersey. Again, more Nintendo. This time Pro Wrestling worked it's way into the rotation. A month later, I received my own NES for Christmas.

I can still remember the games I received with it. Along with Super Mario Brothers & Duck Hunt, Rad Racer & 10-Yard Fight were under the tree. Soon after, Double Dribble joined the group. Over the next four years, many, many games were either borrowed, rented, bought or played with friends. I have fond memories of them all, but I'm especially fond of these 20.

The NES lives on strong today. Emulation (I can play NES games on my Sega Dreamcast), working original consoles (I have two), and the Virtual Console on the Wii (hopefully I'll have one of those soon) all allow a new generation of gamers to discover this classic. You can even play these games online. Just head to VirtualNES & jump right in!

On with the list. (Once again, these are my favorites, not a reflection on the best games ever)

HONORABLE MENTION: Super Mario Brothers 3, Rambo, Castlevania, Kung Fu, NES Play Action Football, Rad Racer, Rampage, 10-Yard Fight, Rygar, Super Dodge Ball, Rush'n Attack, RBI Baseball

(Click on the title for Youtube links. Great for remembering the fantastic sound effects & music.)


RC Pro Am


Top Gun

Landing that plane is still difficult to this day.

Major League Baseball

The appeal of this game was all MLB rosters. Unfortunately, there wasn't any player names, just numbers. Still, I swear #50 for the Mets was just as fat as Sid Fernandez.

Bases Loaded

Joe Cuff & I had some great battles in this game. In fact, we videotaped one of our greatest games, which included a bench-clearing brawl & the ump calling me "a bum".

Ice Hockey

Blades of Steel

Racket Attack

Legend of Kage


Jerry loves this game & always kicked my butt.

Tecmo Bowl/Super Tecmo Bowl

Ikari Warriors

Pro Wrestling


Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start.

Double Dribbe

Ah, the Boston Frogs.


Please tell me I wasn't the only one to play this game so much that I started seeing Tetris pieces in real life and trying to figure out how they'll fit together.

Legend of Zelda

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out

007-373-9563. I've never forgotten the code to fight Mike Tyson.

Super Mario Brothers

As much as I played this game, I was only able to rescue the Princess once. I still never made it to the Minus Worlds.


Bryan "Crash" Davis said...

Oh wow ... I owned one of these things and was completely obsessed with SMB 3. I used to work in a restaurant and would come home around midnight, 1 a.m. ... I would play until 4, 5 a.m. nearly every Friday and Saturday night that I had to work. Man, those were the days.

P.J. said...

I can't understand how in the world 10-yard Fight or RBI Baseball didn't make the Top 20???

That being said, one day down the line when I have a better paying job, I want an original NES as well as an Atari 2600.

Anonymous said...

those were my favourite games whn i was young.
btw, do u played tis game b4?
star wars 1988?