Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Whole Lot of Nothin

Lots of stuff I want to throw up here, so here we go.

- Watching UConn host Depaul as I compose this. The Huskies are on a nice roll ever since the Dyson/Wiggins suspensions. Things will be quite interesting when Dyson returns next week. (By the way, how sweet are Depaul's unis? I would love to get my hands on a pair of those shorts.)

- If saying a prayer is your sort of thing, please do me a favor and say one for my cat Cosmo. Tomorrow he goes to the vet to have half of his tail amputated. He had been biting the tip of it pretty bad, saw the vet who covered it up & gave him some antibiotics (which he had a horrible reaction to) but it didn't heal properly and they want to amputate just in case there's cancer involved. He's my boy and I'll be a little on edge Wednesday thinking about him. :(

- Mary's away again, this time in Australia. At least this trip is only two weeks instead of three.

- Before she left, we went to NYC last Saturday to catch Lower Ninth, a play about two guys stranded on a roof in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The draw for me was two of the three actors in it. Gbenga Akinnagbe (Chris Partlow from The Wire) & Gaius Charles (Smash Williams from Friday Night Lights). (The 3rd was James McDaniel from NYPD Blue.) All three actors were amazing and the location, the Flea Theater, was unique, to say the least. It seats about 50 people and you have to walk across the stage to get to your seats. It made for a great time. Those guys are pretty damn talented.


Yup, you read that right. My Dell laptop, which has served me well for almost five years now, is on its last legs. It's been continuously locking up & giving me the BSOD several times. I'm in the process of moving all my files to my external hard drive and just waiting for the next trip to the Apple Store. I've done a lot of research and have decided that the 20" iMac is everything I'll need. I'm looking forward to playing around with iLife and doing some cool things with photos and videos.

- Thanks to this story in the Hartford Courant yesterday, I discovered The Caldor Rainbow, a fantastic blog that documents the current fate of Caldor, Bradlees, Ames and other long forgotten retail giants of the Northeast. There's a ton of fascinating information buried there. I just wish there were some tags or some other form of organization. Great stuff though. Be prepared to waste some time there.

- Another interesting item I discovered yesterday was the story of Centralia, Pennsylvania. In short, it's a town that is basically deserted due to a fire underground that has been burning since the 1960's. There are a ton of eerie photos from this town.

- The Wire is down to it's final three episodes and I'm a little sad. There's talk of a prequel movie, which would be outstanding. To any of my friends who have not watched the show, my DVDs are making the rounds & I will be happy to let you borrow them to experience this masterpiece.

- Finally, Happy Birthday Dad!!!!


P.J. said...

Where to start with this...

I hope Cosmo comes through OK. Pets are so important and I hope he comes back to you happy and healthy!

Mary travels a bunch, eh? And Australia? I'm jealous!

Going MAC... blah! :P

Interesting blog on the Caldor thing and all. I might have to check it out again sometime.

Onto Centrailia... Thanks. Now I have a place where I want to go and take photos, even though it could kill me. Dammit. Couldn't just keep quiet about a place like that, eh? Might have to look into a roadtrip as it seems like it would be cool to shoot some photos in a place like that.

Anonymous said...

Caldor? Dude, that kills me. Great stuff. Sorry about the cat. I'm not a pet guy at all, but I understand the connection.