Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dark Days

While reading Mike's blog today & his gloating over the Patriots & Red Sox, I was brutally reminded about how horrible things are for me sports-wise right now.

Nothing more needs to be said regarding the Mets collapse. The Dolphins are currently the second worst team in the NFL according to ESPN's NFL Insiders. Compounding those two horrific scenarios is the fact that I'm surrounded by Patriots & Red Sox fans, which is simply nauseating. Sprinkle in the occasional Yankees fan, along with my friends the Phillies fans, who by the way, get to enjoy the postseason at the Mets fans expense, and life is simply brutal.

If you are one of my few readers (I lost another one, thanks Eric) who happens to be a Red Sox fan, I'd like to remind you that you are considered the most obnoxious fans around. Most Patriots fans believe football was invented with the Tuck Rule and couldn't tell John Hannah from Hannah Storm.

There are a couple of silver linings in this world of misery. The UConn football team is 5-0 and is currently "receiving votes"! However, nothing can top the fact that Notre Dame is horrible. (Sorry P.J. It's not personal!) Charlie Weis is some offensive genius! Their ineptitude is the welcome result of bad karma for how Tyrone Willingham was treated. Go Service Academies! This is your year!


Mike said...

I'd hardly say I was gloating. You've just got a sour taste in your mouth. John Hannah was my idol. And how about Mosi? And Russ Francis! Long live Chuck Fairbanks.

ME said...

I know you're a lifer. I've seen your memorabilia. :)

That autographed ball is pretty sweet.