Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's A Miracle

38 years ago today, Jerry Koosman got future Mets manager Davey Johnson to fly out to Ron Swoboda, completing the storybook year of the Miracle Mets.

I was still four years away from being born, but I love reading about that team & all the early Mets teams. Hopefully there's some interesting items in the Hall of Fame I'll be able to check out when I get up there in December.


In other news, here is a shot of Payton, her soccer team & handsome coach.


The "renovations" on the house are continuing. I still feel like we're camping. The first project we're doing is redoing my computer/TV room. We ripped out the carpet & Mary has painted the ceilings. Once the primer & paint is up and I scrub off the old paint off of the hardwoods, I'll be able to set everything up in there, including this computer. I haven't touched my 360 in almost two weeks!

I do have lots of pictures to share, but first I'll need to locate my memory card reader so I can take them off of the camera. The real interesting shots will be of the driveway/patio project, which started yesterday and is progressing nicely.


I should have plenty of time to enjoy my new setup during the first week of November. I will be having my wisdom teeth ripped from my mouth. I am not looking forward to this procedure as I have been hearing horror stories about this my entire life. Ugh. Hopefully I'll get to enjoy lots of ice cream.


Mike said...

Doesn't it take 11 to play soccer? And why is the one coach not in uniform? he ruins the whole damn picture!

Wisdom teeth aren't that bad, dude. You'll be fine.

P.J. said...

Awesome team photo. I love youth sports. Some great looks on those faces. Kids are great with sports and the images you can get of them.
Thought I was gonna lose my wisdom teeth, but sounds like no. Three of 'em are coming in fine and straight and the fourth is on its side and the dentist says for now, no harm. Thankfully. It's work to get back there and brush 'em and keep 'em clean, but thankfully, so far, things are ok with them.

ME said...

@ Mike - It's an under-8 league, so the rules are a modified a bit. We usually play 5 on 5. As for the coach, we only had two adult jerseys. I'll fill you in Friday evening. Yeah...

As for my teeth, apparently it would've been a lot easier to have that done 10 years ago, not now.

@ P.J. - That should have been you taking that picture! :)