Thursday, October 04, 2007

Moving Update

So the U-Haul got picked up this morning and by 6:30 PM, it was fully loaded with all pieces of furniture and any other large items. It was a fairly easy process.

The rest of the stuff that has to go is all small & can be boxed up. That, the big TV & the cats & goldfish. We have until Sunday to get all that out.

Nothing like sleeping on couch cushions on the floor! Good times!

Hopefully fall weather will show up soon & kick these mid-80's temps out to sea. Yuck.

Funny, I didn't miss being at work today. :)


Mike said...

good luck getting it all done, dude. I'm sensing madden battles.

ME said...

Thanks man. Yes, Madden battles are in your future. I see beatdowns in my future.

P.J. said...

I thought you weren't back online until like Saturday?

Anyway, glad to hear it all went well!