Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I'm Back!

Yes, the DSL is running. Finally.

There's too much for me to do around here to do a large post, but I do want to respond to P.J.'s new header over at A L'il HooHaa, which proclaims "At least they (Phillies) ain't the Mets".

I'll agree 100% with that little nugget. The Phillies have been playing baseball for a loooooong time. They've been the Phillies from 1890 - 1942 and 1945 - 2007. (They were also the Philadelphia Blue Jays in 1943 & 1944 & the Quakers from 1883-1889.)

Someone else will have to do the math for me to figure out how many years they've been around. In all those years, they've amassed a winning percentage of 0.469, while winning ONE world championship.

The Mets on the other hand have been around only a fraction the time of the Phillies and have a winning percentage of 0.478 and have won TWO world championships. Plural.

Yes, at least they aren't the Phillies. :)

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P.J. said...

Yep, and now the Mets have the greatest collapse in the history of baseball, so again, at least the Phillies ain't the Mets.

And one thing is true -- while the Phillies are lovable losers and have all those losses, there's something else to be remembered -- one of which many Mets have even admitted -- they are likely the most hated team in baseball and also are the biggest idiots (I still can't believe LoDuca and Wagner bitched about the Phillies celebrating the sweep after all the showmanship crap the Mets have done all year).

I'll take the Phils any day to be able to watch collapses like that.

And yes, the Phils have 10,000 losses and counting.

The Mets? At least they can always play second fiddle to the Yankees!