Thursday, October 18, 2007

Whither The Squirrels?

I feed birds. I enjoy having different birds around and the cats greatly enjoy watching them fly from trees to the feeders and back.

We have a regular feeder and a suet feeder outside of a living room window. I also have a small feeder hanging from a tree near the driveway.

In addition to the bird feeders, I have a squirrel feeder. It is attached to a tree in the backyard, right at the edge of the yard and woods. It holds four ears of corn & spins. Back when I lived in the house years ago, the squirrels loved it and I would replace the corn constantly, almost on a daily basis. This feeder is primarily entertainment for me.

Well over a week ago, I filled up that squirrel feeder and I also installed another one. This is similar to the suet feeder, only larger and instead of suet, it's a giant corn cake.

The birds seem to enjoy the corn cake (I think there are sunflower seeds in it) but the other squirrel feeder hasn't been touched. I understand it may take some time for them to re-discover the feeder, but I haven't seen one squirrel in the yard.

Mary said she saw one in the yard last week, but not since. I'm wondering if something is keeping them away. There is a neighborhood cat, Daphne, who patrols the yard, but I doubt she's chasing squirrels.

However, this past spring, a fisher cat was spotted in the woods behind the house, eating a small animal. It looked like a squirrel, but I couldn't be certain. Perhaps the squirrels took a hint and decided to vacate the area?

Stay tuned...

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P.J. said...

you can't get 'em to the feeder. I saw a bunch of them in the park I was at last weekend. They looked like they were stocking up for the winter.