Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Interesting XM Ratings

Arbitron recently released their Spring 2007 rankings for XM & Sirius. Since I don't have Sirius, I have nothing to say about their numbers. (For the record, XM had a cumulative audience (cume) of 10.33 million listeners compared to 6.6 million for Sirius. The Howard Stern channel on Sirius was the most listened to channel on both services, with a cume of 1.22 million listeners. XM's 20 on 20 was second, with a cume of 1.05 million listeners.)

I thought it would be interesting to list some rankings & share which channels I frequent.

Top 10
Of those ten, I listen to Flight 26 the most, 80s next, then Top Tracks. I'll tune in to the 70s and 20 on 20 and occasionally The Blend. (all are presets, then again, there are 30) I never listen to The Heart and I have never even thought of tuning in to Highway 16 or Fox News. The 60s is also a preset but I very rarely even check it out. I LOVE listening to the vintage American Top 40 Countdowns on the 70s & 80s. They fly by without those pesky commercials.

Top 5 Traffic Channels
  • Los Angeles (16,300)
  • Washington DC (13,700)
  • New York (12,500)
  • Philadelphia (7,900)
  • Dallas/FW (5,700)
I know Brian isn't surprised DC is second only to LA.

My Favorites
I'm not surprised by the Boneyard being so low on the list. It's very specific in content and varied in the years covered, different types of metal/rock, etc. I'm most disappointed in Cinemagic being so low. That is such a unique, fun channel and I find myself listening a lot at work. I suppose part of the problem with Cinemagic is if the current movie is one you're not interested in, you have to wait 20 minutes or so for a new one to come up. By that time, you'll most likely have found something else to listen to. I'm glad Lucy & the 90s are high on the list. Two channels I thought were underrated.

(rankings via post from Orbitcast)


the Drunken Housewife said...

I love "Lucy", and I also listen to Bluesville a lot. I find the 80's channel very frustrating (so much drek in between good songs, but taste is so subjective).

P.J. said...

I need to get a new XM receiver. I don't like mine that much. I never use it in the house, so having something like that is unnecessary, it seems. I need a smaller one that I can put in the corner of my window and have it up somewhere.

I just don't know if I can switch receivers and all with no problems.

I used to have both XM and Sirius for baseball and football. But I've found if I'm not in the car, I don't go chasing after football games. So I let Sirius run out and stuck with XM only because of baseball. I listen to 175 all the time -- in and out of season -- so it was worth keeping that one over Sirius.

As for music, I need to reprogam and find some stations to put on my favorites list. I have some repeats and ones I never listen to.

Brian said...

The funny thing about XM traffic is that I almost never listen to it. Obviously they are taped segments updated every so often; our all-news station, WTOP, has live traffic every 10 minutes around the clock.

TDH, you're not that far off-base re: the 80s. And Lucy kicks ass.

My lineup, in order: 80s, 90s, Boneyard, Comedy 150, Big Tracks, Top Tracks, Lucy, The Blend, The Move, CNN.