Thursday, October 04, 2007

Moving Time

Well, the time has come. Wednesday was my last day of work until next Wednesday and the focus is now on moving everything out of this apartment.

We pick up the U-Haul tomorrow morning & will be spending most of the day tomorrow and Friday loading it up with the large things (couch, mattress, couch, bookcases) and the odds & ends we haven't been able to move to the storage unit over the past month.

My Xbox 360 is already packed away. :(

Friday morning, the DirecTV installer is supposed to arrive between 8 AM & noon. Yeah, right. Hopefully he/she won't be too late so I can get back and help load the truck.

Saturday morning we unload the U-Haul with most of the big stuff, drop off the sectional at the storage unit & return the truck. The rest of the day & weekend will be spent cleaning, removing wallpaper, painting and slowly bringing boxes from the storage unit to the house. I will be sharing before and after photos here as we progress.

On Monday, we should see the beginning of the driveway paving project, along with a nice square paved area for a basketball court. Sweeeeet.

I probably won't have the computer hooked up again until Saturday sometime, but I should be able to jump online here & there. I'll try & keep my two readers updated via Twitter.

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