Saturday, October 20, 2007

Still Drying Off

Last night, I was lucky enough to work the chains along with Mike for our local high school football team. We do it every home game, pocket a bit of money and enjoy a little football up-close.

For those of you in the Northeast, you remember last evening's weather. It poured. The wind howled. It was blast. Poor P.J. had to work in it. I loved it.

It wasn't too bad until the kickoff. Then the skies opened. The first half was played almost entirely in the downpour. The second half started off fairly dry, but the last five minutes of the game was easily the worst. It didn't matter to me. I was soaked as soon as the game started, so after that, it didn't really matter how much it rained. BTW, the home team won.

I would've loved to have been playing. I played in two games with weather like that in my brief career, both blowout losses. The first one was a home game versus Naugatuck, which we lost 50-something to zero. It was our second game of the year & I saw the field as a free safety for the first time in mop-up duty. I picked off a pass & became the starting free safety the rest of the way.

The second game in that weather was at Ansonia, a traditional Connecticut HS football power. By that point in the season, I was starting on offense, defense & special teams. Once again, we lost 50-something to nothing.

Perhaps I should amend my statement to say I would've loved to be playing in that weather as long as my team wasn't being trounced.

One other thought that crossed my mind working the game last night. I was figuring out when the kids playing were born & sure enough, if they are 17, they were born while I was playing football or even after that. It amazes me how fast time has flown, especially since high school ended.

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P.J. said...

Blech. Covering in football sucks. About the only reason I don't care as much is because I have waterproof paper, which makes keeping stats and such pretty easy. Outside of that, I didn't enjoy it. At least it wasn't cold out, which really would have made it stink.

Of course, you like extreme weather, so I imagine you were loving life on the chain gang!